Cookie Monster

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If you know me or follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love to bake cookies! It is also one of my kids favorite things to do with me when we are at home. The holidays always bring about family baking and cookie exchange parties, but these can be fun at any time of the year. 

For years I attended a cookie exchange around the holidays with a local moms group. It was the best event of the year. The last two years I decided to host my own cookie exchange at my house. A cookie exchange is a party where each guest brings enough cookies to share with the others. Everyone brings a to-go container to fill up with a selection of cookies and take them home.

Cookie exchanges are traditionally held around the holidays, but you can host one any time you feel like having a fun get together with your friends and family.

At my last cookie exchange I had about 45 guests so I did not limit us to cookies. Guests brought a variety of cookies from around the world, brownies, bark and chocolate covered bacon. We had appetizers, drinks, music, ate a lot of treats and had a really fun ladies night.

How to host a fun and delicious cookie exchange:

1. Give prizes for the best tasting, best looking and most creative cookies (or any of categories you wish) to create a little healthy competition and motivation.

2. Discourage store bought. If some doesn’t bake, suggest they bring an appetizer or bottle of wine instead.

3. Either provide or ask guests to bring to-go containers.

4. Ask guests to bring enough cookies for guests to taste and take home (4 dozen at my party).

5. You can also add a theme (ugly sweater, etc.) 

Enjoy your cookies!!!