About Us

Thanks for shopping jenluana.com! I am Jennifer Luana (just call me Jen). I have always loved to shop, loved clothes and accessories, and dreamed of my own clothing line since college. Well I am living my dream. Raising four children, running an online boutique and soon to be launching my own line of Women & Children's clothes.

My Collection of brands is inspired by travel and real life. JenLuana.com carries brands and products that I use, wear, and love. All of the brands I carry are owned by people I know. I support small businesses and peoples dreams.

Jen Luana the brand is a modern take on "Mommy & Me". I prefer the name "squad clothes". Women and children's sizes will be available so you and your squad can coordinate in style and comfort. I also wanted to create a line that my children can help me build and I wanted them to feel a part of what I am doing.

With the Jen Luana campaign I hope to promote diversity, sisterhood, motherhood, friendship, and encourage women & girls to support and uplift each other. 

Mahalo for shopping JenLuana.com